You can find on this page the Athens transport map to print and to download in PDF. The Athens transportation map presents the transports network and transport zones of the transit of Athens in Greece.
The city of Athens offers various modes of transport on Athens transport map, Metro, Bus, Tram or Taxi, to choose from. The subway: it has three lines and is fast and secure, the bus: managed by ETHEL, they operate from 5h to 23h30, the tramway: consisting of two lines, it runs 24 hours a day and the taxi on Athens transport map: offers races for an affordable price.

Athens transports map

Map of Athens public transports

The Athens transport map shows all means of transportation in Athens. This transports map of Athens will allow you to move easily with public transport of Athens in Greece. The Athens transportation map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Since November 2017, a new electronic Athens transports card has been introduced in Athena transports on Athens transports map. The prices and the subscription formulas remain the same (see article, Athens transports) but the supports have been modernized. There are now three different media on Athens transports: the ticket ATH.ENA TICKET, the personalized map: ATH.ENA CARD, the anonymous map: ATH.ENA CARD.

Metro, Tram, bus or trolley use the same tickets on Athens transports map. There are 3 types of media of Athens transports: the Athens Ticket paper ticket, the Athens anonymous plastic card and the Athens card. Unless you stay more than a week the paper ticket is enough for Athens transports. It is a ticket that can be used for Athens transports as long as it remains in good condition and you can recharge it for trips of 90 minutes, a day or even 5 days.

The Athens tourist bus of Athens transports, carries out five different routes of Athens transports on Athens transports map. During the trip, you will be able to listen to comments recorded in French about the places seen. Here are some of the most interesting stops in Athens transports: Syntagma Square, Acropolis and Parthenon, Temple of Zeus, Panathenaic Stadium, Archaeological Museum, Omonia Square, Monastiraki, Mikrolimano Port and Cruise Port.

Athens zone map

Map of Athens zones

The Athens zone map shows all transport zones in Athens. This zone map of Athens will allow you to know the prices of public transport of Athens in Greece. The Athens zones of transports map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Since the end of 2017, the tickets in Athens zone are in fact small cards with a chip and rechargeable (e-tickets) on Athens zone map. Porches have been installed in the subway in Athens zone. One ticket for Athens zone per unit costs € 1.40 (fare 2018). Reduced rate (€ 0.60) for under 18s, over 65s and students up to 25 years old on presentation of their student card and zone. Children under 6 years old do not pay.

Users of public transport in Athens zone on Athens zone map, will be able to reduce the length of their journeys thanks to the introduction of a state-of-the-art automatic ticketing system in any Athens zone. This new system should extend to all modes of public transport of Athens zone, including buses, trolleybuses, urban rail service, trams and the metro.

Despite the large number of yellow taxis on Athens zone map, it can be difficult to find one in Athens zone, especially at peak times in Athens zone and certain Athens zone. To avoid any dispute when settling in Athens zone, check that the meter is running and that it is set to the correct fare, and plan the airport tax, toll and surcharge for each bag weighing more than 10 kg. The total price depends on the traffic.