You can find on this page the Athens tram map to print and to download in PDF. The Athens trams map presents the network, zones, stations and different lines of the tramway of Athens in Greece.
The Tram on Athens tram map, allows you to go to the sea and offers a superb view of the coast from Falira to Voula through Glyfada. So, this is the ideal public transport on Athens tram map, if you want to spend a day at the beach.

Athens tramway map

Map of Athens trams

The Athens tram map shows all the stations and lines of the Athens tramways. This tramway map of Athens will allow you to easily plan your routes in the trams of Athens in Greece. The Athens tram map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The first tramway in Athens on Athens tramway map was put into service in 1882! Well, that does not rejuvenate us all! At the time Athens tramway had 16 seats and three horses were needed to move them. Animal lovers, rest assured, the horses are no longer used. The first steam of Athens tramway began to appear in 1887 and from 1902, they gradually gave way to electric vehicles.

The Athens tramway network on Athens tramway map, connects the center of Athens with the coastal suburbs of Faliro and Voula by tramway. It takes about an hour to go from Syntagma to the last seaside stop in Voula. The Athens tramway is connected to the metro and the train at four stops: Syntagma, Syngrou / Fix, Neos Kosmos and SEF (Peace and Friendship Stadium in Faliro). Check out the schedules here.

The Athens tramway on Athens tramway map, starts at Syndagma square and Athens tramway then goes down to the south of the city, via the national garden, before dividing into 2 branches. One continues via Glyfada to Voula (on the coast, southeast of the city). The other joins Neo Faliro. Athens tramway can also be used to link Voula to Neo Faliro, following the coast. Operates around 5am-midnight.