You can find on this page the Athens old map to print and to download in PDF. The Athens historical map and the vintage map of Athens present the past and evolutions of the city of Athens in Greece.

Athens historical map

Map of Athens historical

The Athens old map shows evolutions of Athens city. This historical map of Athens will allow you to travel in the past and in the history of Athens in Greece. The Athens ancient map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Hotel Grande Bretagne is not just another hotel, but it is also considered as the historical landmark hotel in Athens as its shown in Athens historical map. If you are interested in visiting Athens, here you can find our recommendation about the best hotels in Athens. It is located since 1874 opposite Constitution Square (Syntagma Square) and the House of Parliament – namely it cannot be “more central” – and provides stunning city views from its magnificent rooftop terrace!

What to say about this absolutely amazing historical hotel of Athens. This is one of our favourite hotels in Greece. Imaret, in Kavala city as you can see in Athens historical map, is originally built in 1817 and has been beautifully restored to combine original Ottoman architecture with modern luxury

The Tsitouras Collection is located in Firostefani as its mentioned in Athens historical map, in Santorini, namely in one of the most amazing islands in the world. The historical island has some very beautiful castles and fortresses and this hotel has a great history, as it is an 18th-century mansion offering luxurious accommodation with spectacular and romantic sunset views

Athens vintage map

Map of Athens antique

The Athens vintage map give a unique insight into the history and evolution of Athens city. This vintage map of Athens with its antique style will allow you to travel in the past of Athens in Greece. The Athens vintage map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Parthenon, vintage temple that dominates the hill of the Acropolis at Athens as you can see in Athens vintage map. It was built in the mid-5th century BCE and dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena Parthenos (“Athena the Virgin”). The vintage temple is generally considered to be the culmination of the development of the Doric order, the simplest of the three Classical Greek architectural orders.

Propylaea is the name given to monumental gates or entranceways to a specific space, usually to a vintage temple or religious complex and as such they acted as a symbolic partition between the secular and religious parts of a city as its shown in Athens vintage map. Less complex examples with a single entrance are known as a propylon.

The Erechtheion was a vintage complex marble building in the Ionic order, an exceptional artwork. The eastern part of the Temple was dedicated to Athena, whilst the western part was dedicated to local hero Boutes, Hephaistos and other gods and heroes (see Athens vintage map). Thus, the Erechtheion was a temple with multiple functions, housing older and newer cults, and the site of the ‘Sacred Tokens’, the marks made by Poseidon trident and the olive tree, the gift of Athena to the city of Athens.